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Copyright PlasticFree-UK 2018

Since travelling on my plastic-free journey, I’ve realised that it is not easy to avoid this ubiquitous material. Of course we can’t avoid it- it is a necessary component everyday life. The laptop I am working on now is full of it! However, there is nothing more depressing than walking into the supermarket and high street shops and being confronted with countless rows of products packaged in unnecessary plastic. Not only that, many of the products themselves are often made from plastic. So I want to make it easier for people to find products that can reduce their plastic footprint one step at a time.

I want to create a store that not only stocks ethically sourced products but also stocks something for everyone, catering for different needs and budgets.

I’m just starting out so my collection is not yet complete. I will be regularly reviewing and updating the products on offer and I am always open to ideas and suggestions.